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Color Palette

Breeze uses Tailwind 3.0 default color palette. Every color is declared as LESS variable in web/css/abstracts/variables/_colors-lib.less file:

@gray-50: #f9fafb;
@gray-100: #f3f4f6;
// ...
@indigo-500: #6366f1;
// ...
@rose-800: #9f1239;
@rose-900: #881337;

We use gray, blue, green, red, and yellow colors only, however you may change this by redefining base color variables using _extend.less or _custom.less files.

Base colors

Every color used by Breeze Theme is declared in RGB format as LESS variable in web/css/abstracts/variables/_colors.less file.

@rgb-black: red(@black), green(@black), blue(@black);
@rgb-white: red(@white), green(@white), blue(@white);

@rgb-gray-50:  red(@gray-50),  green(@gray-50),  blue(@gray-50);
@rgb-gray-100: red(@gray-100), green(@gray-100), blue(@gray-100);
// ...
@rgb-gray-900: red(@gray-900), green(@gray-900), blue(@gray-900);

@rgb-blue:   red(@blue-700),   green(@blue-700),   blue(@blue-700);
@rgb-green:  red(@green-700),  green(@green-700),  blue(@green-700);
@rgb-red:    red(@red-700),    green(@red-700),    blue(@red-700);
@rgb-yellow: red(@yellow-400), green(@yellow-400), blue(@yellow-400);

These RGB strings used in web/css/base/_variables.less to declare CSS properties:

:root {
    --black: @rgb-black;
    --white: @rgb-white;

    --gray-50: @rgb-gray-50;
    --gray-100: @rgb-gray-100;
    // ...
    --gray-900: @rgb-gray-900;

    --red: @rgb-red;
    --green: @rgb-green;
    --blue: @rgb-blue;
    --yellow: @rgb-yellow;

Finally, we can compose CSS property and alpha-channel value into actual color in Breeze styles as follows:

.element {
    color: ~"rgba(var(--green), var(--alpha-value, .85))";

Since we don’t want to associate all html elements with actual color names to give you a freedom to change component colors independently, we use one more level of color variables — component colors.

Component colors

Component colors declared just like base colors, but they refer to the CSS properties declared earlier.

@rgb-brand: var(--blue);
@rgb-danger: var(--red);
@rgb-success: var(--green);
@rgb-info: var(--blue);

@rgb-ring: var(--brand-color);
@rgb-link: var(--blue);
@rgb-base: var(--gray-900);
@rgb-base-bg: var(--white);
// ...

The existense of these variables allows to change individual component colors without affecting base color values. Eg. you may want to change link color, but keep brand color (focus-ring, buttons, spinner) without changes.

You may wonder why we use CSS properties as the values for component colors? It’s done for dark color scheme support, since we tweak base colors when detecting prefers-color-scheme: dark setting in visitor’s browser preferences.