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Custom Scripts

Make sure to create and change your theme to Local/breeze-custom before start.

There are two built-in entry points for custom scripts in Breeze theme:

  • extend.js — Use this file if you are custom theme developer.
  • custom.js — Use this file if you are end-user of the custom theme.

Create [extend|custom].js file in Local/breeze-custom/web/js/breeze folder. This file will be included automatically at all pages.


(function () {
    'use strict';

    $(document).on('breeze:load', function () {

Here is how directory structure will look like for Local/breeze-custom theme:

├── web/
│   └── js/
│       └── breeze/
│           ├── custom.js
│           └── extend.js
├── composer.json
├── registration.php
└── theme.xml