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Dark Mode

Dark mode support is enabled by default in Breeze Theme and activated automatically when prefers-color-scheme: dark flag is found in visitor’s browser settings. It’s done with simple CSS media query in web/css/base/_variables.less file:

& when (@respect-color-scheme = true) {
    :root {
        @media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) {
            --gray-800: @dark-rgb-gray-800;
            --green: @dark-rgb-green;
            --blue: @dark-rgb-blue;
            --red: @dark-rgb-red;
            --muted-alpha: .8;
            // ...
            --scrollbar-bg: var(--gray-800);
            --scrollbar-color: var(--gray-700);

Dark RGB values generated using LESS color functions in web/css/abstracts/variables/_colors.less file:

@dark-gray-800: lighten(@gray-900, 2.5%);
@dark-blue: lighten(@blue-700, 25%);
@dark-green: lighten(@green-700, 35%);
@dark-red: lighten(@red-700, 30%);
@dark-rgb-gray-800: red(@dark-gray-800), green(@dark-gray-800), blue(@dark-gray-800);
@dark-rgb-blue: red(@dark-blue), green(@dark-blue), blue(@dark-blue);
@dark-rgb-red: red(@dark-red), green(@dark-red), blue(@dark-red);
@dark-rgb-green: red(@dark-green), green(@dark-green), blue(@dark-green);
@dark-rgb-base: var(--gray-400);
@dark-rgb-base-bg: var(--gray-900);
// ...

Disable dark mode

If you would like to disable dark mode support, you should add @respect-color-scheme variable to _extend.less or _custom.less file:

@respect-color-scheme: false;