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Breeze theme uses standard Magento theme structure and well known for every Magento developer:

├── <Vendor>_<Module>/
│   ├── web/
│   ├── layout/
│   └── templates/
├── etc/
│   └── view.xml
├── i18n/
├── media/
├── web/
│   ├── css/
│   ├── images/
│   └── js/
├── composer.json
├── registration.php
└── theme.xml
Path Description
<Vendor>_<Module>/ Module-related changes.
etc/view.xml Basic theme output settings: image dimensions, gallery settings, responsive images, etc.
i18n Translations
media Theme screenshots
web/css Styles
web/js JS components
composer.json PHP package file
registration.php Theme registration file
theme.xml Theme name, parent theme code, etc.

Let’s review view.xml file structure first, and then move to styles organization.