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You can find examples of Breeze-powered stores on this page. Some of them are Luma-based, some use full Breeze experience. We split them into separate groups for you.

Full Breeze experience

These stores use both Breeze Module and Breeze Theme.

This store uses customized Breeze Evolution theme with some extra features:

  • Heavily customized menu is moved at the very top of the site.
  • Blazing fast search results powered by custom search module.
  • Quick buy button at product page powered by Vipps payment.
  • Firecheckout as a checkout page.

Leather Collection is a sleek and sophisticated web store that specializes in high-quality leather goods. The website boasts a clean and modern design, making it easy for customers to navigate and find exactly what they are looking for. The store features an extensive collection of leather products, including bags, wallets, belts, and other accessories. All of the items in the store are crafted with the finest materials and attention to detail, ensuring that customers receive top-quality products that will last for years to come.

Leather Collection site is using Argento Force Breeze theme powered by Breeze and multiply extensions from Swissuplabs:

  • Fire checkout
  • Prolabls
  • Easy slider
  • Highlight

Boma” is a Ukrainian brand of children’s clothing. Located in a beautiful Chernivtsi city, the company started online sales on the well-performed and accessible website. The online store offers underwear, suits, t-shirts and tank tops, shorts, skirts, and pajamas. The apparel is of excellent quality and is sewn using reliable and soft materials so that nothing interferes with your child during a brisk walk. You can buy children’s clothes both individually and in bulk. And for foreign buyers and partners, Boma added the option of international delivery.

Breeze Evolution theme with beautiful brown color scheme.

  • Product page is using powerful product personalization module.
  • Firecheckout as a checkout page.

To see the best collection of lamps for any modern interior, make friends with ECRYSTAL store. Since 2005 they offer a professional selection of lighting for entertainment venues, clubs, wedding halls, and apartments. The company is the authorized partner for Poland of KOLARZ and SWAROVSKI. When presenting goods in the showroom located in Białystok, the company also offers unique lighting on the fast and user-friendly website.

Kelly Kettle is a small family business. The company is located in the West of Ireland, where the Kelly Kettle has been an essential piece of camping kit for Irish Fishermen for many generations. There are so many clients happy with stainless steel camp cookware such as cook sets, cups, and plates. After long-term use of Kelly Kettle goods, customers found that they’re extremely fast and easy to use. Well just like their website built with Breeze.

Another pure Breeze Evolution store with additional modules:

  • Tawk chat module.
  • Product badges powered by ProLabels module.
  • SoldTogehter blocks at product pages.
  • Firecheckout as a checkout page. is a store providing a piece of Milling machinery in Lake Arrowhead. The website offers a large catalog of products where you can choose V-drive rigging, interior parts, accessories, and build-to-order parts. With the fast and mobile-optimized site based on the Breeze Evolution theme, customers will easily find the items according to their requirements.

My Dream Day store has everything for your next event. They take customer satisfaction as a basis. To give inspiration and ideas for a successful party, this Swedish company offers decorations, balloons, table settings, presents, accessories, etc. for all types of happy occasions. A large variety of options and equipment will take your event to the next level.

Pure Breeze Evolution theme without customizations.

  • NavigationPro module is used to create large menu dropdowns.

Partial Breeze experience

These stores use Breeze Module or Breeze Theme only.

Spotix uses custom theme based on Argento Stripes theme. Super heavy site that still needs a lot of performance improvements because of unbelievable amount of third-party scripts and styles.

Another one goliath. Fully custom theme made by SheroCommerce. SheroCommerce made a titanic work to integrate tons of custom logic with Breeze JS stack.

Argento based stores

The next sites are using various Argento themes. Moving to BreezeJS wasn’t a challenge for these sites, since all Argento modules are Breeze-friendly out of the box. 1.5-2.5x perfomance boost was made in just a few clicks!