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Install swissup/marketplace module. We will use it to run one-click theme installer in the end of installation.

composer require swissup/module-marketplace &&\
bin/magento setup:upgrade --safe-mode=1


When Marketplace module is installed, proceed with the following commands to download and enable Breeze package.

Replace swissup/breeze-blank with theme you’d like to install:

composer require swissup/breeze-blank &&\
bin/magento module:enable Swissup_Breeze Swissup_Rtl &&\
bin/magento marketplace:package:install swissup/breeze-blank

Installer will ask you to select a store, then it will create CMS content, and change your current theme to Breeze.

That’s all. Breeze is now installed and activated for the selected store view.

No additional action is required, however, you can customize some config options if you want.