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Breeze CSS utilize Magento’s built-in less compiler and uses the same features and enhancements. This means you can use the same dev tools that you use when develop Luma-themes.

Theme entry points

We provide ready-to-use CSS entry points for theme development. Just create one of the following files inside your custom theme, and it will be automatically included to the theme styles:

└── web/
    └── css/
        ├── email
        │   ├── _custom.less        <-- Email styles
        │   └── _extend.less        <-- Email styles
        ├── _extend-checkout.less   <-- Checkout styles
        ├── _custom-checkout.less   <-- Checkout styles
        ├── _custom.less            <-- Default styles
        └── _extend.less            <-- Default styles

How to add custom theme styles?

Module entry points

Breeze also provides CSS entry points for easier module integration with Breeze theme. Create one of the following files inside your module and Breeze theme will include these styles automatically:

└── web/
    └── css/
        └── breeze/
            ├── _email.less     <-- Email styles
            ├── _checkout.less  <-- Checkout styles
            └── _default.less   <-- Default styles

How to add custom module styles?

Critical and deferred styles

Always put your styles inside @critical CSS guard:

& when (@critical) {
    .breadcrumbs {
        min-height: 50px;

& when not (@critical) {
    .breadcrumbs a:hover {
        text-decoration: underline;

Magento will compile this code in two separate files. Critical styles will be added to default.css, and non-critical will be added to deferred-default.css file. The latter will be loaded asyncroniously to reduce total blocking time during site load.

How to choose which guard to use?

Styles that affect dimensions or position of visible elements should be placed in & when (@critical) guard. Other styles may use & when not (@critical) guard.

Warning! Do not forget to enclose your styles into CSS guard, otherwise your styles will be duplicated.

Dark mode

Dark mode support is disabled by default in Breeze Theme. To activate, you should add @respect-color-scheme: true variable to _extend.less or _custom.less file.

When enabled, and prefers-color-scheme: dark flag is found in visitor’s browser settings Breeze Blank theme will serve dark theme variant automatically.

You can find Dark Mode variables in abstracts/variables/_dark.less file.