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Breeze lets you configure some options.

  1. Login to Magento backend and open Content > Design > Configuration page.
  2. Select the Store you want to change and press Edit.
  3. Scroll down to the Breeze fieldset.
View Screenshot Settings Screenshot

Here is a list of available options:

Option Description
Enable Breeze Experience Allows to disable Breeze Module. Useful when using Breeze Module for Luma or other third-party non-breeze theme.
Disable Breeze for specified URLs Ability to specify URLs where Breeze Module should be disabled. Useful for third-party module pages that use custom uiComponents (knowledgebase, helpdesk, etc).
Enable Turbo Feature Allows to enable single-page application experience.
Enable Responsive Images Serve most suitable image size per device. Theme developer must describe srcset property in theme’s view.xml file in order to enable this feature.
Debug Mode When enabled, allows to force Breeze Module status via query parameter: ?breeze=1 or ?breeze=0

Some options use Use Theme Config value as default. This means that the value will be taken from view.xml file of the active theme if found. It’s very useful for Breeze-based themes, as they can activate Breeze module and other options automatically.