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Breeze JS inherits its concepts from Luma-based themes. We support data-mage-init attribute, x-magento-init scripts, we have jQuery-like widgets, views (our replacement for uiComponents), and mixins. All of this preserves the same level of flexibility as you had in Luma themes.

JS stack

Here is what we use in Breeze:


Since Breeze doesn’t use modern JS techniques to load js dependencies, you will work with global js variables.

Theme entry points

Breeze provides ready-to-use JS entry points for theme development. Just create one of the following files inside your custom theme, and it will be automatically added to the page:

└── web/
    └── js/
        └── breeze/
            ├── custom.js
            └── extend.js

Module entry points

There are no ready-to-use entry points for module development. You should register module components using breeze_default.xml layout update as described in JS Components section.