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Cloud Commerce


If your store is powered by Magento Commerce Cloud and you are using zero-downtime deployments you need to follow the steps below to fix Breeze Frontend deployment with enabled js merging/bundling.

If you don’t use merge/bundles/zero-downtime deployments, you don’t need to follow instructions below.


  1. SSH into Magento Cloud and run the following commands:

    bin/magento app:config:dump scopes
    bin/magento breeze:config:dump

    breeze:config:dump — is a short version of bin/magento app:config:dump system command. Unlike Magento command it collects configs that affect Breeze bundles only. Additionally, it doesn’t overwrite existing values in config.php

  2. Copy generated app/etc/config.php to your local source code.
  3. Add, commit, and push code changes.
  4. Wait until Magento will redeploy static content.

That’s all. Breeze Frontend is now fully compatible with zero-downtime deployments and JS bundling.