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Responsive Images


Responsive images feature allows to serve most suitable image size for visitor’s specific device: a phone, a laptop, or any other device.

Here is how image element should look like when responsive images option is enabled:

<img src="image.png"
  srcset="image-230.png 230w, ..., image-600.png 600w"
  sizes="(min-width: 1536px) 300px, ..., calc(50vw - 2rem)"

The image above declares a set of differenly sized images srcset and a rules sizes to let browser know when to take which of the image.

This feature is enabled and configured for Blank theme, but you will need to configure it when custom theme with custom image dimensions is used.

Srcset settings

Srcset is generated based on <images> config in <theme_dir>/etc/view.xml file. This config should describe an image entry for each of the possible image sizes.

An id of each additional size should use original image id suffixed with -srcset- suffix:

  <images module="Magento_Catalog">
    <!-- Grid listing -->
    <image id="category_page_grid" type="small_image">
    <image id="category_page_grid-srcset-1" type="small_image">
    <!-- ... -->

    <!-- List listing -->
    <image id="category_page_list" type="small_image">
    <image id="category_page_list-srcset-1" type="small_image">
    <image id="category_page_list-srcset-2" type="small_image">

Sizes settings

Sizes are taken from Swissup_Breeze config in <theme_dir>/etc/view.xml file.

Config entry for each size should use image id as its name, optionally suffixed with page layout name:

<vars module="Swissup_Breeze">
  <var name="sizes">
    <var name="category_page_grid">(min-width: 1536px) 300px, ..., calc(50vw - 2rem)</var>
    <var name="category_page_grid-1column">(min-width: 1536px) 285px, ..., calc(50vw - 2rem)</var>
    <var name="category_page_grid-cms-full-width">use:category_page_grid-1column</var>
    <var name="category_page_list">(min-width: 1280px) 300px, ..., 35vw</var>
    <var name="new_products_content_widget_grid">use:category_page_grid</var>

Additionally, sizes config node can refer to another sizes value. According to the example above: