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Email styles

Email styles using the same features as general styles, except you don’t need to use critical guards around your styles.

There are two entry points for custom email styles in Breeze theme:

Create _[extend|custom].less file in Local/breeze-custom/web/css/email folder. This file will be included automatically during email processing.

Here is how directory structure may look like for Local/breeze-custom theme:

├── Magento_Email
│   └── web/
│       └── logo_email.png
├── web/
│   └── css/
│       └── email/
│           └── _extend.less
├── composer.json
├── registration.php
└── theme.xml

Here is an example of custom _extend.less:

@brand: @rose-600;
@email-body__width: @xs;
@email__background-color: @rose-100;
@button__padding: @2 @6;

.email-non-inline() {
    @media @media-sm-down {
        body {
            background: @white !important;