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Modal — is a widget component that shows popup over everything else in the document and remove scroll from the <body> so that modal content scrolls instead.

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Static HTML initialization:

<button class="button primary modal-opener">Show popup</button>

<div style="display:none" data-mage-init='{
        "Magento_Ui/js/modal/modal": {
            "trigger": ".modal-opener"
    Modal content

JS initialization:



Here is a list of modal options:

    type: 'popup', // Choose between popup and slide modals
    title: '', // Modal title
    subTitle: '', // Modal subtitle
    modalClass: '', // Additional CSS class
    focus: '[data-role="closeBtn"]', // Initially focused element
    autoOpen: false, // Indicates if modal should be opened right after initialization
    appendTo: 'body', // Where to add modal in document markup
    trigger: '', // Element's selector that should trigger modal
    modalLeftMargin: 45, // Offset for nested slide modals
    closeText: $t('Close'), // Label for close button
    buttons: [{
        text: $t('Ok'),
        class: '',
        attr: {},
        click: function (event) {...}
    keyEventHandlers: {
        [enter|escape|..]Key: function (event) {}


Here is a list of available modal methods:

$(el).modal('setTitle', 'title');
$(el).modal('setSubtitle', 'subtitle');

You can also get the modal instance using instance method and call the methods directly:

var modal = $(el).modal('instance');



Here is a list of event listeners for modal events:

$(document).on('modal:beforeCreate', (e, data) => {});
$(document).on('modal:afterCreate', (e, data) => {});
$(document).on('modal:opened', (e, data) => {});
$(document).on('modal:closed', (e, data) => {});

Each listener receives event and data objects. Data object has instance property that refers to modal widget that triggered the event.


You can increase the size of your modal using modalClass option:

    modalClass: 'modal-xl'

All other styling is available via CSS or LESS variables:

@z-layer__text-color: var(--base-color);
@z-layer__background-color: var(--base-bg);
@z-overlay__background-color: @black;
@modal__border-radius: false;
@modal__box-shadow: @shadow-xl-around;