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Since Breeze doesn’t use modern JS techniques to load js dependencies, you will work with global js variables. For the sake of simplicity, most of globals declared under $ scope:

Variable Description
_ Underscore library
$() Cash library
$.storage Local storage manager
$.cookies Cookie manager
$.sections Section/Customer data
$.async() DOM watcher tool
$.translation Translation manager
$.lazy Lazy script
$t() Translate function


Underscore is a JavaScript library that provides useful functional programming helpers:

// find first even number
var value = _.find([1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6], function(num) {
    return num % 2 == 0;

// render template
var string = _.template('hello: <%= name %>')({name: 'moe'});

// create throttled function
var throttled = _.throttle(updatePosition, 100);


Cash is a super small jQuery alternative which provides:

Usage example:

    .attr('id', 'next')
    .html('Next Step...')
    .on('click', function (event) {

Local storage

$.storage — is a Breeze wrapper around window.localStorage that adds namespaces support and a few additional methods.

Usage examples:

// Simple storage
$.storage.set(key, value);

// Namespaced storage
var storage = $.storage.ns('vendor-module');
storage.set(key, value);


$.cookies — is a wrapper around JS Cookie library. Our wrapper adds ability to work with JSON data in cookies.

Usage examples:

$.cookies.set(name, value);
$.cookies.setJson(name, object);

Customer data

$.customerData or $.sections — is an object to work with Magento’s dynamic sections (Wishlist, Shopping Cart, Messages, etc).

Usage examples:

$.sections.set(name, data);
$.sections.reload(names, forceNewSectionTimestamp);


$.async — is a handy function to watch for selector appearance in DOM structure. It uses MutationObserver under the hood.

Usage example:

$.async('.selector', function (node) {


$.translation — is an object to work with js translations. There is shorthand to the $.translation.translate method available: $t.

Usage examples:

// get translated string
var translated = $t('Shopping Cart');

// Dynamically register translation for the 'key' phrase
$.translation.add('key', 'value');
// or
    'key': 'value'

Lazy script

$.lazy — is a function that will evaluate passed function after first user interaction. It’s useful to postpone loading of not critical resources. Read more information.

Usage examples:

$.lazy(function () {

Or, you can use lazy type attribute:

<script type="lazy">